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Company History

Farris Fab & Machine started manufacturing in 1979. It was a humble beginning with a lofty goal of being one of the best fabricators in the southeast. Starting in a 1200 square foot building with limited machinery and only 4 employees, the Farris team worked together to build the company we know today.


Now with 200,000 square feet at 3 locations, almost 200 employees, and an extensive and diverse customer base; the Farris’ experience with Farris Fab & Machine has increased their customer savvy attitude and has assisted them in developing the company’s superior production, quality and sales programs. Farris Fab & Machine is a family owned and operated business that carries over 35 years of tradition. Just as the commitment to quality and customer service was recognized in 1979, the entire Farris team is devoted to continuing this commitment. Farris manufactures parts for a wide range of manufacturing industries. This expansion into different segments ensures that we are a well diversified and financially sound company of excellence.

Why Us?

At Farris, everything is top quality. We specialize in contract manufacturing and procurement, but don’t hesitate to take on speciality low quantity projects or out-of-the-box ideas. We utilize the latest technology to prepare your item for production. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and has a wide range of capabilities. We maintain a high level of communication between each other and our customers to ensure a smooth workflow that makes placing and receiving your order as easy and productive as possible.

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